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recordar é viver?

Posted in Poemas on February 2, 2009 by rafarelax

Song of Chaos

This silence is now
Just freaking me out;
I wish I was deaf
So it passed by unnoticed.
They say rock is dead:
what the hell do they know?
It’s like you waked me up,
And started your little show
Before pulling the trigger.

There is no worthy song
To be played, without you
Here saying it is so.
The night tonight is mute.
No more drum’n’bass
Since you left
Your electro-pop
1984’s robot
Drinking with no song
On a dancefloor all alone.

Come back to our pound;
We’ll make some noise,
Recreate the indie sound.
I’ll pretend I’m asleep
So you can wake me to shoot,
And I can take another look
At the shadows of your big black eyes;
Watch your red lipstick smile
As you blow the smoke out the gun.
As the bullet reaches my stopped heart
I’ll feel the beats once again,
and the sound of death
will bring me back…
to life.

Just come home baby of mine,
‘Cause the darkness of our love is fading away.
On the path through wich you left,
Stars are all quiet tonight,
Like if there’s no reason to spark.
The moon just fell like a comet!
I’m not saying I don’t like it:
This whole scenario decay!
But I fear the end of the world is near,
And if you’re not here with me…
I won’t listen to this great
Song of Chaos.

by Israel Son (


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do lado de dentro

Posted in Músicas on February 2, 2009 by rafarelax

Vai, depois liga, diz pra sua irmã passar que eu vou mandar tudo que é seu que tem aqui, tudo que eu não quero guardar que é pra esquecer de uma só vez que esse castelo só me prendeu, viu? Do lado de Dentro, Los Hermanos